Hi, I'm Sam

I founded Walk, Care, Love in April 2018 and am proud to have such a lovely team of ladies working with me, and over 40 loyal customers.
I work 7 days a week, covering Padworth to Hungerford and do walking, sitting and training. I love my job because I can bring my lovely Pomsky puppies, Angel and Bodie, pictured, with me on some of my jobs with friendly dogs! I have a diploma in Canine Behaviour Training, I completed the Pro Dog Trainer course based around training with games, and am canine first aid certified. I have worked with 8 week old puppies right through to 20 year old dogs, and learn new things every day along with them! I have experience with all sized dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

Hi, I'm Skye

I joined the Walk, Care, Love family in August 2020, and I cover Padworth to Halfway. I hold a level 3 Diploma in animal management, and adore all animals, especially dogs and horses! When I'm not out dog walking you're most likely to find me riding my horse, Rocco.

Hi, I'm Abi

I've been Walk, Care, Love's main Basingstoke dog walker and sitter since August 2020. I have more than 7 years experience working with dogs, and have worked with an enormous range of other animals including cats, small rodents, horses- even a house chicken named "pickles"!

Hi, I'm Charlie

I'm based in the Basingstoke area, and have been with Walk, Care, Love since August 2020. I mainly walk on Tuesdays and Fridays, but often cover for other members of the team when they need some help.

Hi, I'm Ellen

I'm one of the newest members of Walk, Care, Love, as I joined in February 2020, but I love it immensely, and so does my lively working spaniel Milo! He loves running around with all of the other dogs, but it never manages to tire him out! We work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings and Thursday mornings, and cover Padworth to Hungerford.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I joined Walk, Care, Love in November 2019 and walk the dogs based in and around Compton alongside my teaching assistant job. I decided to start dog walking as I would already spend a few hours a week walking in my local area and I love the company of dogs, so I thought it would make sense to combine the two! I don't have a dog of my own at the moment, but I do have two wonderful cats.

Hi, I'm Georgia

I joined Walk, Care, Love in October 2019 to walk dogs alongside my retail job. I have two rescue dogs names Buddy and Ziggy! Ziggy may be small but he has the biggest personality! I walk Mondays, Tuesday mornings and Wednesday mornings, and sometimes do dog sitting as well.

Hi, I'm Megan

I'm the longest standing member of the Walk, Care, Love family (except Sam of course!) and I mainly work behind the scenes doing admin and accounting work, but will soon be resuming full time walking in the Swindon area. When I'm not working with Walk, Care, Love or at my other accounting job you'll usually find me at home with my two daft Dalmations, Dudley (pictured) and Hugo!

Hi, I'm Ellie

I started working with the team in June 2019- and so did my french bulldog, Fred! I mainly walk at weekends, but also do sitting and boarding during the week around my other job. I usually cover Newbury, but do travel further when I'm needed.