About Us

Hi, I'm Sam and I have owned and run Walk, Care, Love for nearly four years. I own two adorable Pomsky pups named Angel and Bodie.

I hated dogs as I child - I was terrified of them.  I crossed the road to avoid dogs, would never even dream of working with them for a living. Then one day my best friend got a dog - a great big, lolloping Labrador named Malvin. Malvin was terribly sick, but he was a gentle giant, and I fell in love with him. Thus started my love of all things dog!  And, ultimately, it led me here - to my own dog walking and sitting company.

I have since completed a diploma in Canine Behaviour Training and am a certified Pro Dog Trainer.

We are partnered with other dog walkers and trainers as well as having three people on our team, so if I am ever unable to personally attend a booking I will do my best to offer a temporary replacement at no extra cost to you.